Chef Steve Rosen’s love of food started in the kitchen of his grandfather’s kosher delicatessen/restaurant,
S & L, in Brooklyn, New York. As a child, he was keenly aware of what was on the menu when dining out. In fact, according to his father, Chef Steve was the only 8-year-old he knew who would routinely ask to hear the specials of the day when they were eating out.

Chef Steve’s culinary journey continued in high school as a sous chef at a delicatessen in Long Island, New York. He then spent more than eight years at an Italian deli/restaurant where he learned traditional Italian cooking from the owner’s Italian-born grandmother.

“As a self-taught chef, I thrive on the satisfaction of seeing someone enjoy a meal I have just prepared,” says Chef Steve. “But, instead of opening the restaurant my friends and family have been encouraging me to do for years, I found a way to combine my love for food with my passion for cooking for individuals: as a personal chef.”

Chef Steve is a member of the American Personal and Private Chef Association (APPCA) and is licensed with the city of Los Angeles. He is also ServSafe Certified in food safety by the National Restaurant Association.

Chef Steve lives with his wife and son in sunny Los Angeles.

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